NZ Tahr & Chamios

We are now able to offer New Zealand Tahr & Chamios hunts

For our dedicated clients we can now offer  Tahr & Chamios hunting trips in conjunction with your red Stag & Fallow hunting trip here in New Zealand.

These are hunted in the South Island, so after your hunting trip here with us at Glenora Hunting, we will fly you down South for the hunting of Tahr & Chamios.

Tahr (Himalayan)

The male tahr’s summer coat is a reddish-brown, females a medium brown, both turning dark brown in winter. The bull tahr has an impressive mane of long hair around the neck and shoulders.
Tahr are popular with recreational and tourist hunters; their horns – and sometimes the male’s striking mane – are sought-after trophies. Tahr are generally found in the alpine grassland zone, where they graze on snow tussocks, alpine herbs and sub-alpine shrubland plants.


Their summer coat varies from grey-brown, tan to honey-gold tone. Their much darker winter coat is dark brown/almost black.
On their face they have a dark brown or black band that goes from the nose, around the eyes to base of horns. Their cheeks and throat are white or pale fawn.
Both male and females have horns which are black and slender. They arise straight up before curving backwards to form sharp hooks at the ends. Male horns are usually stouter and their hooks more strongly developed than females.