Prices 2017 Hunting Season

Trophy Stags   -   US Dollars

Daily Rates:     $450.00 US    (these are on a per person basis)
Gun Hireage:   $  75.00 US     if needed !

New Zealand RED Stags:
These prices include 4 nights accommodation                                       
300-350 SCI          $5,800.00 US
350-375 SCI          $7,300.00 US
375-400 SCI          $10,700.00 US                                                    400-425 SCI          $14,700.00 US
425 + SCI              POA

Other Speices:
additional animals

Fallow Stag          start from:  $2,500.00 US
Arapawa Ram      $600.00 US
Turkey                  $50.00 per turkey US
Small Game         Free     (pay only for ammo used)
                Rabbits & Hares

Overseas clients:

The ideal time frame for hunting is - 4 days. You can book for more or less days to suit your travel.

Should you wish to add extra days, this can be done OR wish to have a personalized package put together from us, please email your desired time frame & animals and we will get a package together for you.


 Heli Hunting:  very experienced pilot - full safety training will be given

Helicopter          $1000.00 NZ  Dollars    (per hour)
                                            +  $600.00 (one deer shot + ammo)     (not a trophy)

We will do up special packages for groups of 3 or more, please inquire via E-mail.

New Zealand (Kiwi) Meat Hunts  -  NZ  Dollar

Please either phone or E-mail re-guarding our meat hunts. 
                                                                    These are done throughout the year, not set times.

2017 meat hunt specials (Kiwi)

For parties of 3 or more hunters  -
   Please e-mail OR phone re: these specials

"Men's Stag Do" Weekends

These are becoming more popular for the 'Kiwi blocks' who are wanting something different for their friends stag do's. We customize packages to suit almost any group. Group sizes up to 10
Please inquire either by phone or via e-mail, & we will put a package together for you.