Trophy Red Deer & Fallow & Meat Hunting

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer originated from Europe and were first introduced into New Zealand around 1860-1864. These deer are smaller than reds and their heads tend to be palm like, rather like a moose; only on a smaller scale. Their coloring is mainly dark brown, almost chocolate or a light brown, tan. Some can be almost white in colour.

These fallow can be very challenging & hard to find at times, which is what real hunting in New Zealand is about!


Red Stags

We have a fine selection of red stags available. Stags were first introduced in the area around 1870 with many fine heads taken out since then.

From Big Game Gold Trophy's to Silver & Bronze medal Stags. 

Check out a selection of our photos on the galleries!


Meat Hunts for Kiwi Clients

We have a wide selection of animals for our clients to come to hunt for the freezer!  Please contact for availability & costings.

Kiwi Stag do weekends -

These are becoming more popular with us here at Glenora Hunting Adventures.
For the blocks who are wanting something a little different for their friends.
We customize a package to suit you, & have a choice of doing your own meals or letting us cook for you.
Whether you arrange for the groom to hunt or a few of you want to, the choice is yours.
NOTE: There will be a Guide with you while out  hunting at all times.
please inquire via phone or email....


So the girls out there who don't want to miss out, we will also arrange GIRLS ONLY weekends on request:
All accommodation is out in the hunting block.
please inquire via email -



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