GLENORA New Zealand Hunting Adventures

Guided hunting trips - Red Stag, Fallow Stag, Arapawa Ram & more ....

Glenora (today known as Ora) was the out Station of Akitio Station back in the early years & comprised of 90,000ac. It was purchased by Francis Armstrong in 1876, and has been handed down through the generations since then. It used to be known as one of the great Stations in the  Wairarapa, North Island of New Zealand. Glenora is now down to 6,700ac & still remains in the Armstrong family today, which is managed by Professional New Zealand hunters Hamish & Pamela Armstrongs son & daughter in law, Tim & Frecks Armstrong along with their 3 children, Michaela, Hamish & Thomas.

Farmers have had to diversify where possible over the past years, & this is where the idea came about to start a New Zealand hunting safari park, along with the new Akitio Glenora Walking trips.

Our Franklin Block was ideal for New Zealand Deer Hunting due to its bushy terrain and is an extremely natural environment for the wild red deer & fallow, along with Arapawa Rams. Franklins is about 900ac, is fully ring fenced & is enjoyed by all of our hunting clients, a lot of whom come back year after year. Some clients come twice a year due to the freedom, humour, relaxation, enjoyment & tranquillity of Glenora Hunting Adventures.

about usRed deer were first liberated into the area in the 1870s and many a fine stag has been shot since then.  Fallow have been slowly appearing & showing themselves over the past 20 years or so.

Trophy Red Stags are amazing to see, strolling about the park. With their huge racks of timber, you wonder how they can carry such a load! Check out our New Zealand Trophy hunting prices here.

Arapawa Rams were introduced into our hunting block from the beginning & are becoming extremely popular, with their large curly horns & shaggy wool.

We cater for all levels of fitness & travel by Polaris Rangers around our Franklins block.

Our family & guides welcome you!  To come & experience our wonderful Glenora Hunting Adventure!